Sprinting to the finish line

Jessi + Marie/ October 22, 2018/ Announcements/ 0 comments

We’ve just wrapped up a three-day writing sprint. We set aside the time this weekend because we’re getting super close to the end of our manuscript. YAY! We’ve been writing the climax, and soon all

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Our first-ever full writing day

Jessi + Marie/ July 13, 2018/ Writing Process/ 0 comments

We’ve got a self-imposed manuscript deadline of December 2018. And that means we’ve gotta seriously speed up our writing pace. We’ve never before committed a full writing day to this project. Up until now, we’ve written

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What counts as character action?

Marie Parks/ June 12, 2018/ Writing Process/ 2 comments

Every Monday, Marie attends a fiction writing critique group, where she reads aloud a section of The Grigori and receives feedback from the other writers. Yesterday’s meeting raised an interesting question: “What counts as character action?”

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