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Jessi + Marie/ February 13, 2019/ Announcements/ 0 comments

It’s been busy behind the scenes in the land of The Grigori books. Here’s what the last few months have held:

December, 2018: We completed the manuscript and submitted it to beta readers for feedback.

January, 2019: We compiled beta reader feedback (thank you, amazing betas!) and begin making revisions.

February, 2019: We wrapped up revisions and began pitching the novel in earnest.

We’ve been told all our lives that publishing a book is hard. We’ve been advised to brace ourselves for rejection after rejection. Agents and publishers, they say, are fickle. You never know what they’ll want, but chances are, it’s not your book.

That has NOT been our experience. We’re feeling supremely fortunate, because the process has felt like a thousand doors opening.

As of today, we’ve participated in three pitching contests on Twitter and had a 100% success rate (measured in garnering at least one query invitation from a publisher or agent).

Additionally, three small, independent publishing houses are currently reviewing the manuscript. We’ve received one offer for publication from an award-winning publisher.

Finally, the one agent we’ve pitched so far has requested the full manuscript.

All of the positive feedback and interest is far outweighing the slog, and that’s keeping our momentum up. We know this part of the process can be grueling, but so far, the hardest part has been writing and revising the manuscript.

Of course, it’s not done til it’s done. We’ll keep you posted!

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