Exciting milestones — what’s next?

Jessi + Marie/ July 4, 2018/ Announcements/ 0 comments

Even though we’re in the throes of writing book one of The Grigori, we haven’t let it hold us back from pursuing the next steps with our novel. After we’ve written it, we want readers to read it! And, excitingly, a publisher is currently asking us for our full manuscript.

We’re thrilled at the interest in our novel, and now we find ourselves wondering what’s next in the publishing process?

Well, obviously the first step is to finish the manuscript he’s asking for! We plan to wrap up the current draft in October, make edits in November, and share it in December.

But what else is next?

If we’re getting such a positive reception this early on, do we owe it to ourselves to seek out an agent to help us navigate this new industry? We are reaching out to what support we already have, but we’re also starting to type in very scarily-real-feeling Google searches like, “When do I hire an agent?” and “What do I look for in a contract for my book?”

No answers yet, just questions, but we’ll keep you posted! And if you want to get more Grigori updates, click here to join our mailing list.

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