Happy 5th birthday to the idea of The Grigori

Marie Parks/ June 10, 2018/ Writing Process/ 0 comments

It’s been five whole years to the day since we first started rattling around the idea for The Grigori. In celebration, we’re sharing with you a (mostly) unedited transcript of our instant messenger on June 10, 2013.

Marie: it’s interesting how popular fiction is in a vampire kick, with a little bit of witchcraft/wizardry and werewolves, but not much else. what other creatures are there like that?

Jessi: Umm. One of my new novel ideas is similar to that, but with angels

Marie: ooh. that’s cool.

Jessi: Yeah. *shrug* Other than that? Um….idk, lol

Marie: what if there was something really cool and more serious with some kind of species, bashing all of the myths, but you can see where there’s some basis in truth?

Jessi: yeah. I like that idea.

Marie: it could even be in the modern day world but with this extra element

Jessi: yeah!

Three days later, we were writing our first words in the world of The Grigori. And, according to Jessi’s search history, looking up lots of phrases in French.

In the last five years, we’ve created a rich universe, put in hundreds of hours of character development and world building, and created drafts upon drafts. No really, you should see our Google Drive folders.

We’ve learned that we’re definitely pantsers (as in, writing by the seat of our pants), but when we have a deep understanding of our characters and vision, we can create a killer plot.

That means that we’re finally in a place where we (mostly!) know what’s going on in our book series, and we’re on a roll. Stay tuned, because great things are coming. And if you want to sign up for updates, click here.

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