Our first-ever full writing day

Jessi + Marie/ July 13, 2018/ Writing Process/ 0 comments

We’ve got a self-imposed manuscript deadline of December 2018. And that means we’ve gotta seriously speed up our writing pace. We’ve never before committed a full writing day to this project. Up until now, we’ve written one or two days a week, in one or two hour stretches. After all, we’ve got a business to run and clients to keep happy. Not to mention partners to enjoy spending time with, dogs to walk, and food to eat. (That last one’s really important.)

But when we started talking with publishers, we realized we needed to turn this trot into a canter.

We’ve carved out 20 hours a week to write by seizing several mornings and evenings, and dedicating a all day Thursday to the project. Today was our first all-day writing day. We were a little nervous to see how it would go. Could we really stay focused all day?

Turns out, yes. We pretty effortlessly hammered out over 5,700 words, which is the entire interlude between Acts I and II, which makes up about 7% of the book’s total word count.

Granted, we’ll see how coherent it all is once we go back in for revisions, but suffice it to say we’re feeling on top of the world!

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