Sprinting to the finish line

Jessi + Marie/ October 22, 2018/ Announcements/ 0 comments

We’ve just wrapped up a three-day writing sprint.

We set aside the time this weekend because we’re getting super close to the end of our manuscript. YAY! We’ve been writing the climax, and soon all that will be left is the falling action and a final interlude earlier in the book.

We’ve written 10,637 new words this weekend, and that’s a feat we’re hugely proud of. These latest efforts bring us to a total word count of over 73,000. (Final estimate of 80,000.)

It’s been a marathon journey to rewrite this novel, one that began in January 2018.

Considering we’ve both “won” NaNoWriMo with 50,000-word novels under our belts in just a month’s time, writing this many words in 10 months seems like a snail’s pace. However, the slower writing speed has given us a chance to create the novel we want, without extra fluff or meandering plot lines. (We did that on the first draft; trust us, you don’t want to read that version!)

What’s next? After we finish the manuscript (deadline October 31), we’ll take 1 week to read it and make edits. Then we’ll pass it off to our beta readers to take a look in November. Finally, we’ll make another pass-through and hope to have it ready for publishers and agents by December 31.

Stay tuned, and if you want to throw your name in the hat as a beta reader, please join our mailing list here, then email us to let us know. We greatly appreciate it!

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