Grigori Authors Jessi Honard and Marie Parks

The Authors

We’re Jessi and Marie, co-authors of The Deathless Gods.

We’re writing an adult contemporary fantasy series about a woman’s search for her missing sister, which leads her to discover the secret world of the Grigori.

In 2009, we discovered we had a shared interest in stories with surprising depth and darkness when we met on a forum for Animorphs, a (nominally children’s) book series we both loved as kids. And, let’s be honest, as adults.

That’s where we began collaboratively writing. A few months later, we realized we both lived in Houston. By the time we met up in person, we’d already written thousands of words of fiction together.

Within five years, that number had bounced into the millions. We started with collaborative fan fiction we had no intention of sharing with the world. Eventually we realized, “Hey, we aren’t so bad at this.”

A half-formed idea from a dream (what if angels were real… and not all that angelic?) became the seed for The Deathless Gods. We started in 2013 with a few glimpses and scenes — a young woman under an umbrella, a tall man in a black trench coat, a storm brewing over Lake Erie — and began writing. And as the story took shape, we fell in love with the world we were creating. We hope you will too.

About Jessi

A Cleveland native, Jessi chose to make a career of writing in third grade, after being transported by a ghost story (Stonewords by Pam Conrad). Since then, she’s barely stopped to flex her fingers, between text-based roleplaying, scribbling in notebooks, and a decade of NaNoWriMo wins.
In addition to writing, she loves to travel and hike. She earned her bachelor’s in English from The Ohio State University and her master’s in Education from Lamar University. She lives in Berkeley, California with her girlfriend.
Her favorite authors include Michael Grant, Katherine Applegate, Brandon Sanderson, JK Rowling, and Scott Westerfeld.

About Marie

Marie grew up devouring books. Her family outings were often to her local Barnes & Noble in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, or to the library. From middle school, she knew she wanted to be a fantasy author.

Beyond writing, her favorite activities are travel and hiking. She spent over two years RVing as a digital nomad with her husband — and she enjoyed hiking and eating her way through the U.S. and Canada. She earned her bachelor’s in English from Rice University and currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Her favorite authors and storytellers include Brandon Sanderson, Cory Doctorow, Virginia Woolf, and Truman Capote.

Jessi and Marie co-own North Star Messaging + Strategy, a copywriting and messaging strategy firm.

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