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The Books

The Grigori live among us, and we never suspected a thing.

Unrelenting, the first book in The Deathless Gods adult contemporary fantasy series is set in modern-day Cleveland, Ohio, where a young woman named Bridget Keene is searching for her sister. Dahlia has been missing for nearly six months, and her case is dangerously close to being declared cold.

Bridget’s search uncovers the secret world of the Grigori, ancient beings who have been the inspiration for countless mythological figures, angels, and gods of old. Can Bridget find her sister before the Grigori’s infighting upends her world and potentially threatens all of humankind?

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Have Qs? We’ve got As.

When is book one coming out?
We’re not sure yet, but you can always check our progress on our website. We’ve finished the manuscript, have an offer of publication, and are currently querying with agents. We’ll keep you updated, but for the latest news, we suggest you sign up for our mailing list.

Are you self-publishing or publishing traditionally?
While we’re not in the anti-self-publishing camp, we’re choosing to publish this book traditionally. In addition to co-writing The Deathless God, we co-own a business, so we’re both well-versed in marketing ourselves, something beneficial for authors of all stripes. Our main goal is to have fun writing and get our novels in front of the people who want to read them.

How do you write together?
We’ve practiced co-writing since we first met in 2009, and we’ve co-written literally millions of words. Over time, we’ve found a style that works for us, which generally involves sharing a video chat so we can hear each others’ voices and writing collaboratively in a Google document. Since we live in different states, it’s important for us to use digital collaboration tools that allow us to literally finish each others’ sentences. We have a shared vision for the book series, and we’re working together to see it to completion. It’s a priority for us to make our writing seamless, with no obvious line between our voices. We wrote blog posts on how we co-write and co-revise.

I have a question you haven’t answered.
Shoot us an email at contact at thegrigoribooks dot com, or reach out to us on social media.